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How do I join the course ?

It cant be any simpler. If you have made up your mind, just go here to make the payment and you get access to a whole lot of knowledge base.

What do I get ?

You get access to our online photography course website, where you can go through Tutorials in the form of illustrated pictorial articles, demonstrations and videos along with a forum to clear your doubts and critique your photographs. 

Is it a video course or a theory course?

For more effective learning, its a hybrid of videos, pictorials, articles, technical explanations and demonstrations, Actual shooting videos and forum so that restrictions of one particular medium of teaching do not effect your learning.

Is there a time frame within which I need to finish the course ?

No, there is no time frame. Its like buying a book with no pressure to finish it fast. Just that this version of the book talks back to you ! And it answers all your quiries and explains further in the unlikely case, some topic is not very clear to you.


I dont even know how to hold the camera, Can I still join in ?

Yes, certainly. our videos explain that very well along with many such very basic aspects of Photography.

I already know the basics, does it help at an advance level ?

Yes, the training program covers it all. If you know the basics, you can simply skip that part just as you would in case of a book.

How are interactions possible ?

You can interact through the online forum on the website where you can share your images for critique. Further, in case you are facing problems in any area a skype chat can be fixed with prior appointmnet.

How can one effectively learn online ?

Its a myth that online or distant learning may not be as effective as a physical classroom learning. thanks to advancement in technology, its just about as good as any other learning. Plus ofcourse you can learn at your own pace and schedule.

Is the fees refundable ?

yes, In the unlikely case the course is not what you were looking for we refund the whole amount if requested within 48 hours of registration.

Can I browse the content on mobile ?

Yes, certainly on any mobile or tablet accross any platform.

Can I download the course content ?

No, you cannot download the course content or videos but you have unlimited access to all the content without any restrictions. This lets you access it from anywhere, anytime on any medium.

I have heard photography is very technical !

Yes and No. If technicalities are explained in an easy to understand manner like here in our course, its not difficult to handle any technical situation at all. Even if you are not a very technical person, it does not hold you back from becoming a good photographer. After all you are wanting to a be aphotographer and not just a camera operator. Aestheticas are way more important than technicalities.


Do I need good computer skills ?

A basic computer, smartphone or tablet are good enough to learn. But as you progress ahead you may want to go for a good basic computer so as to tranfer and process your images.

Do I need a good camera or a specific camera ?

If you already have one, it's good to start with that and it may work well for you. If you are planning to buy one, do so after joing the course as you will have a better understanding about photography equipment and it will help you make a wiser choice.

Is the course content upto date ?

yes, 100%

Are there any age limits ?

No, there are no age limits. Any one at any age can undergo this course.

I am interested in learning only a particular genre of photography for example fashion or Travel.

All genres of Photography are covered. You get access to all the information, tutorials and videos in one go. You can concentrate more on the genres of your choice as you make your foundation in photography stronger. At a later stage, in case you would like to pursue any other genre, you can certainly do that as well.

Can I gift this photography training program ?

Yes, you certainly can. simply drop us a message and we will guide you how to go about it.

Can I pass on the course to someone else ?

The course login is linked to your email id. You will have to pass on your personal details as well. You can access the course contents only from one computer at any given time. You can log in from any computer or mobile device but if someone else also logs in using the same credentials, only one session will work.

Can I share the training program with someone ?

As mentioned above only one session can run at any given time. Moreover, for critique and other purposes, only only person is entitled to participate in the discussion forum.ello

Any other question ? Feel free to ask bellow


Covers it All !

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