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munish khanna photography academy

Choose between two options of photography courses. Browse through our extensive ONLINE photography course or attend our regular Photography classes held in person at Delhi.  

Its a hybrid Online Photography course - which means various teaching techniques and methods have been included to help you understand all concept clearly. Videos, presentations, photographs, critiques are all a part of this online course and the course is not restricted to just videos or presentations. 

Covers all genres - While making a strong foundation, the online course covers various genres of photography. Be it travel, fashion, advertising or journalism the course will prove to be useful for you.

The course does not expire, which means you do not have to rush with your learning. You may go through the contents faster or slower as per your learning curve. 

Periodic regular updates - The course contents are periodically updated with new tutorials added very often. 

Discussion forum - Interactions are very important for learning and you can directly interact with the mentor anytime during the course.

Meet up - sometime if you may prefer or require, you can also personally meet up or interact with the mentor if you are in Delhi

Evaluation - You can have yourself evaluated through our online tests to ensure that you are moving ahead at the right pace. It also helps in boosting your confidence.

Access across platforms - be it computer, iPad or a mobile phone, you can have access to all the content from any platform at any time. No restrictions.

Learn Photography in Delhi as a simple yet effective photography course designed to meet the expectations of both amateurs and professionals. Based in the heart of Delhi, learn photography directly from a professional, well-experienced photographer passionately at Munish Khanna Academy

In just about 30 sessions we are committed to make you an expert in shooting with your DSLR or mirrorless camera both indoors in the studio as well as outdoors in natural light. 15 sessions of 2 hours each cover the basics while the course extends towards more advanced levels of another such 15 sessions. In about a month's time, we help you all the way from holding the camera to taking some very creative and innovative images.

As a commercial photographer, Munish has been shooting various assignments for major clients over a period spread over two and a half decades. All this is summed up in this short yet complete photography course, especially designed for photography enthusiasts who do not have much time in hand. Get hands on experience of learning photography at Munish Khanna Academy or simply check out our online photography course.

If you are looking for more flexibility in learning, simply opt for our one to one sessions. Compare all courses. This Photography course has been structured to keep pace with our fast moving lives. If we can learn and apply our photography skills faster, why not? But if you are a slow learner, nothing to worry, we always stand by you to ensure that you achieve your goal of becoming a proficient and able photographer. 

Best Photography course in Delhi

Which Photography course is right for you ?

It completely depends on your objective, time in hand and your budget. If you are based in Delhi itself, opt for the complete face to face photography course conducted at our studio in Uday Park.   

If you wish to pursue Photography as a serious profession, One to One or the mentorship program is the right choice. 

If you are unsure, which photography course to enrol in, simply opt for the online version of the course, which is complete in itself. If you find the learning helpful and still have the urge to learn more on-site, join any of our photography courses in Delhi.

We have the following Photography courses 

# 30 sessions of complete photography 

# One to One customized photography course 

# Mentorship program of one year

# Online Photography course

How much does it cost to learn Photography ?

When you compare it to the amount of money one ends up spending on the expensive photography equipment, it costs almost nothing to learn, how to use the equipment in the best possible way. Don't forget, that the equipment by itself won't take great photos, you will, once you know how to handle it well.

Moreover, we have photography courses to cover all budgets. Our least expensive option is also worth the money spent.

Check out the fees structure ! 

Photography course in Delhi

Who is this Photography course for ?

This is not the Photography course for you if you are simply looking for a piece of degree or diploma. If your core interest is learning Photography and getting the complete hang of the art, this the place. We have a very simple yet fully equipped setup for teaching photography and all sessions are directly conducted by Munish, who's mastered photography over a vast period of time spanning more than two and a half decades.

Even though Photography is quite complex, if taught well, it's very easy to understand and grasp. It's important to know who you are learning from !

Besides serious enthusiasts wanting to pursue Photography as their career, many of our students range from young students, House wives, Corporate directors and passionate senior citizens in their seventies.

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Best Photography course in Delhi

What is the Photography mentorship program?

 best Photography course in Delhi at munish khanna Academy
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