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Photography course reviews

Sanne from Holland - "Joining Munish's photography course was one of the better decisions I have taken during my trip in India. The course is developed in such a way that both people who want to take photography as a hobby (like me) and people who want to take photography as a profession can join. As I couldn't afford to stay in delhi very long, the course was adjusted to my personal schedule. that was great , because that gave me a lot of freedom ! I think that was very good, as I think that a hobby shouldn't become an obligation!


I took a month long every day classes from dawn till dusk. Although my interest is more in outdoor photography, all enthusiasm around me made me enjoy the studio- part more than I expected !


As I use photography more when traveling around, my personal focus is not on studio lighting and so on. But in the course, especially in the practical sessions , I liked it a lot and you can use all of this knowledge outdoors also.


The course covers a lot of subjects, which makes it attractive for anyone who is a little interested in photography. Besides the informative part of the study the atmosphere in the school was very relaxed. There was always space for conversations and questions, there was always time for a laugh!


I like that very much, such a personal approach. Too bad that it's over now for me, but at least I will take all the knowledge I gathered during the course with me to Holland, as well as very good memories !"


Sanne, 26-11-2003


Fred from France  "When I decided to start my six month trip in India with a photography course in south Delhi with Munish, above all in only one month! But the course is really complete. treating about each specific part of photography with a lot of examples and illustrations: sometimes it's going a little bit too fast (above all for beginners) but getting the CD of the course at the end of it is a good way to go back and revise the unclear points on which we might have been stuck. Anyways Munish is putting a lot of efforts on giving the students his time to help them to fully understand the course.


What I found the most interesting in this way to learn how to shoot is that we are immediately plunged into professional photography as Munish is teaching in his own working studio! That makes the difference with a normal school of photography." 


Fred the 11th of march 2004


 Sandra from France  "Photography is like cooiking you may have the good ingredients but if you don't have the recipe, it won't be as perfect as you expect it.


By sharing his "secret" formulas in photography , Munish helped efficiently to achieve my expectations.


Sandra 14 / 03 / 04


Mikael PO Anderson from sweden -  " Munish is a very educational teacher who is able to tell you everything about photography in a calm, easy and educational way. His theory lessons are well prepared and covers A-Z. And since he works in the field he is able to give "real life" situations and the secrets of the job of a photographer.


Mikael PO Anderson sweden 2/3 2004


Eva from sweden   "I have learned a lot in a very short amount of time. Munish is a good teacher and very good at explaining. It was very good when we mixed the day with practice in the studio and theory. To see Munish work in reality in the studio and out was good. Then you can see how it works in real life .


I am satisfied and I think I got a good education now it's to practice....


Eva 2nd Feb 2004


Rahul Dutta from Noida  "It has been a pleasure learning and exploring new things under your able guidance and I shall look forward to discovering many more of the same."


best regards, Rahul Dutta Nov 8, 2004


 Shazeen Samad from Maldives     "Munish Khanna has been an inspiration to me since I decided to join his photography class on my trip to India. He broadened my interest in photography after seeing his fashion and glamour shots, an area I never worked before. I truly enjoyed the photography experience with Munish, an experience I will never forget."


-Shazeen Samad


Ashish Kumar Shah, new Delhi



I am Ashish a student of Munish Khanna Academy .

Initially when I was looking for an Institute to study Photography,

I have been guided to a lot of people and places. However the pattern I was more compatible with, I could only find it at our Institute.

I won’t comment on the other Institute may be I was lacking what they were looking for. I wanted a study center where my question can be answered related to photography rather then saying “ Sit down – This is not the right time for these Questions ”


Classifying students on the basis of their work and not on the basis of number of pages with notes written on it.

I have started working commercially now and couldn’t visit the Institute often however I still get the same amount of consideration in the Institute.


I will be more then happy to get reviews from my senior photographers in the industry, hobbyist / passionate photographers, students who are/were studying as how this place has been/is for you.

As I don’t want anymore Ashish to waste their time looking for a right Institute



Ashish Kumar Shah

april 29, 2008


Sidharth, New Delhi


Hi everyone,


Check his works to understand the reason that i had to write in a testimonial for Munish. He redefines technical brilliance.


As much i have come to know about Munish, i could render and can well confirm that he is the man whom you could rely on personally besides professionally.


Also, few people are not aware of the fact that, he also undertakes a very serious responsibility of sharing his knowledge with others. I have heard and met a few people from the photography industry and NONE of them would let go or share the precise knowledge or the small points that can make or break the professional learning in a person. But with Munish its completely unlike that.


Even after, being in the ever growing photography industry post the digital revolution, Munish would ensure that he shares the best of his learnings from his own years of experience in photography.


Lastly, I wish Munish the very best personally & professionally.


Cheers Munish bhai."



Charlie C Tan *-national park, USA

Although in the 80's & 90's I cover the India & South Asia for Fortune 100 corp in Computers & Communications segment. I have never ever met him.


By visiting his exhibit here, I am absolutely convinced that he is a superb if not excellence in imaging art. I also impressed with his kindness to share & impact knowledge to his students.


You are a great artist & Guru!!


Thanks you.........."

* associate-not a student.


Vinay Bhatia


Munish khanna academy provides right kind of environment where like minded people meet and discuss various aspects of photography and its upto you on how much you gain out of it. If you are looking for self paced learning then this is the place to be. Its not a normal formal coaching institute.


Akshay Gupta


Munish's Academy is the best thing that happened to me in the beginning of this year. Since then there has been no looking back. This place not only gives you an in-depth knowledge of photography but also provides you with an atmosphere similar to that of ur family. For me 55 Uday park is my second home now.


I have made a lot of friens in last 4 months and discovered a better side of me. I am sure no other institute can provide you with better knowledge and hands on experience at the same time. Everything about this place from course content, method of teaching, atmosphere, Munish himself, fellow photographers to assistants, is just perfect for learning.


There is a lot of competition that helps u improve and some really talented photographers who always inspire you to take better shots. Everyone is very supportive including Munish’s family. There is a lot to this place that one can not describe in words. But I am sure if u become a part of it, u would realize what am I trying to express here. No wonder y Munish has kept the course as a life time learning opportunity for his students.


About Munish , he is a wonderful person, very easy to work with, down to earth, and he never lets u feel how talented he is… and how amateur we r..Its difficult to put Munish’s personality under brackets, Witty, Funluvin, Frank, Humility, Enthusiastic, Courageous, Earthiness, Kind, Versatile, Caring, Understanding, very rarely does one come across such a package. He wins the award for packing in the most energy and kindness per cubic inch of any human I know.


This academy is for the students and from the students. The best part is, u never loose on any thing even if u miss a few classes.... what u loose is time, rest can be covered up as soon as u join back. @ d end of the day its ur own efforts that makes u a better photographer. I have learnt a lot being a part of this academy and hoping to make the most from my experience with Munish and his academy even in the coming future. Academy has given me a new vision to my life and I am glad to have come across some brilliant people and made friens with them. I for sure will always be associated with Munish and the academy for many many years to come. And hoping that Munish will give me equal opportunities to become a finer photographer and make the academy proud @ the same time.


Mallankadu N. Thangavelu


It is a great place to learn lot about photography . No time constraints. It is at your convenience and desires and you decide wheather you want to become great photographer or not. If you really want to master the ART of PHOTOGRAPHY , then the palce is 55 -Uday Park New Delhi .



Gaurav Sood


Axay has summed it up very well feelings exactly....I would also like to share my wonderful experience here..

I met Mr.Munish Khanna around 3 years ago after having worked in Mumbai as an assistant director and production executive in the film and Television industries for about 6 years before deciding to take up still photgraphy as a full time profession....during the course of my research in finding out the best possible way of getting up there, I was advised by quite a few successful pro's in the business to get in touch with Mr.Khanna [some of them having been his ex-students themselves], which i did,and enrolled myself as a student.....

To cut the story short ....I'm really glad that I trained under him and am now a full time freelance commercial photographer.... He is truly my guru.



The best academy ever! so many lessons for my photography and for my life ! thank you Munish khanna photography for all your dedication and love for your students.

- Adriana Mendivil, Brazil 2014


Very enlightening. It covered a breadth of topics and skimmed through all basic essentials. Should provide a good starting point for us amateurs. We could have utilized the workshop better with pre reading + practice on our DSLRs-

samika , sukhleen and tenzing


Provided proper guidance about photography and its other aspects.- aishwarya singh


Very informative-

tarika jain

Nice and perceptive. would be interested in practical advanced workshops- amitach chodhary


Enjoyed it thoroughly. will surely attend more -Devika Singhania



Excellent- Rajat Arora



It was good. Learned a lot of new things- John M George



Though, the presentations were bit too techy for me, but got a nice guidance in the session afterward, which would help me startup on a positive note. Thanks a ton. - Sonal Mahendru



wonderful workshop. Lots of learning- Mehrotra Maneesh



some practical outing would have great- Dr. Sushan



Excellent workshop- satish



Wonderful. Exactly what I expected. This will help- Kishore



Arrange basic program for point and shoot camera and about camera features. -Capt S.K. jain



Pleasant experience. really admire the work! Looking forward to more workshops in the near future. - Mehak Chawla



Nice class, so many things to learn and today i learn so many things. I feel good to come and its worth- jai Sharma



More structural content would definitely help. But excellent workshop. Definitely worth the money, effort and time. Appreciate that Munish never said something like- Join our course to know about this. -Kriti Binani


A nice and learning workshop. Nice presentation. Good layout. New things to learn. better understanding of things known. looking forward to more such sessions to attend.- gaurav Singh



Liked the workshop, interesting content and amazing photographs.Looking forward for more.= paramveer singh sethi



workshop was good. I learn a few things which will definitely enhance my pictures. Munish has good command on what he is teaching. good learning for me. Thank you -Jyoti Thakur



Over all very good experience and came to know many new things on my camera which i did'nt know earlier. -sarvjeet singh



Excellent training, would like to join more such workshops -Shilpi Agrawal



gained a lot of knowledge about camera terminology. Munish explained it in a very simple way to understand which i loved the most in workshop. Will look forward to attend more workshops / course in future. - Ashish Malik



I liked this workshop. really help for me, specially examples are very good and effective. - Amit kumar


very informative- Kunal sen Verma



Loved the way it was presented.

It could have been more practical, if an ouside visit have been a part of the program. -siddharth dave



It was a great experience to attend the workshop, got to know a lot. I learnt and then decided to unlearn. Hehe... But thanks. Got to know more than i knew earlier. -ShwetankIt was an insightful session -Ankur Kumar



Can be a bit more structured in terms of areas that will be covered to be discussed upfront. Otherwise, pretty good, very informative and engaging. Will definitely be back for more. - Rohan Chopra



This workshop is very innovative and interesting for me to learn about photography.- Anwar Khan



It was good. This is the maximum one could cover in one day.- himanshu Gupta



Didn't know what to expect when i came for the workshop but i am going back wiser in the realm of photography and belive that it was a day well spent. there has been good learning and hope to put many of these learnings into practice. I know it may be tough given the space and arragements but one tea during the day may keep us lot more alert and active. -rajiv popli



Great to be part of the workshop. i think i was expecting a little more practical on basics. Look to come back again. do keep me posted on future workshops. - Jayant Jhanb



It wa really good and useful - Ritesh



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