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Complete Photography course by Munish Khanna in Delhi

complete photography course designed to meet the demands of both amateurs and professionals. Based in the capital city of Delhi, learn photography directly from a well experienced professional photographer.

In just about 30 sessions we are committed to make you an expert in shooting with your DSLR or mirrorless camera both indoors in the studio as well as outdoors in natural light. 15 sessions of 2 hours each cover the basics while the course extends towards more advance levels of another such 15 sessions. In about a month's time, we help you all the way from holding the camera to taking some very creative and innovative images.


As a commercial photographer, Munish has been shooting various assignments for major clients over a period spread over two and a half decades. All this is summed up in this short yet complete photography course, especially designed for photography enthusiasts who do not have much time in hand.

Get hands on experience of learning photography or simply check out our online photography course. If you are looking for more flexibility in learning, simply opt for our one to one sessions. Compare all courses. This Photography course has been structured to keep pace with our fast moving lives. If we can learn and apply our photography skills faster, why not? But if you are a slow learner, nothing to worry, we always stand by you to ensure that you achieve your goal of becoming a proficient and able photographer.  

Photography course

Q and A

What if I am unable to attend a particular class?

At our sole discretion, we may allow you to attend the same class as and when it happens in the future. As the topics are not really interrelated, it will not affect the understanding of the next class. If you anyways follow an uncertain routine in your workflow, join the more flexible and robust mentorship program instead as it allows us to follow a more individual specific schedule of classes.

Is it a practical or a theoretical course?

Its the right combination of both with more emphasis on Practical training.

Do I need a camera before starting the course?

Its good to have your own camera but if you do not have one as yet, you may discuss the best options with us before buying one.

If the time of the class does not suit me, can I come at a different time?

Once in a while if you miss a particular class with prior intimation, we will make our best effort to make sure that you do not miss on the content of that class and it does not affect your learning process.

Can i come for a trial class?

No, we do not offer trial classes. However, if you are not too sure, You can attend as many classes as you want by Paying INR 2000/- per class. If you join the course, same will be adjusted in the fees. If you pay after the first class, you pay only INR 28000 besides the INR 2000 already paid by you. 

Alternatively, join the online photography course by paying the fees and come for the on site session. even If you decide not to continue with the complete course, you still continue to avail the unlimited access of the online course.

Are there different courses for amateurs and professionals ?

It's the same course. We teach the same stuff and it depends upon you if you pursue the skills for professional reasons or simply for your own pleasure. For more in depth knowledge of understanding the trade of photography you may opt to join the Internship program which is a paid mentorship course of one year and allows you to accompany on shoots and take other responsibilities in the studio and on shoots.

Whats the difference between this course and the online course?

This is a face to face training and more practical where you can ask and discuss  concepts immediately. 

Are 15+15 sessions enough ?

yes, this is a long enough time frame to learn everything quite well. At the same time, once you get started, more you practice, more you will gain from whatever you learn during this period. If you continue to do assignments, this duration is good enough for all your requirements.

If you need any other clarifications please feel free to ask. call up 9871020341 or drop a whats app message

munish khanna academy

Snce 1993

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